Dragon’s Wing Unleashed

inshadowz: out of context

I’m happy to announce on behalf of my friend Marie Green that her newest book “Dragon’s Wing” is now available at Amazon and other retailers, both as paperback and Kindle edition.

Dragon's Wing cover

This book should appeal to any and all, from teenagers and up, who enjoy a good fantasy story, especially when there are dragons involved. I won’t give away any important plot spoilers, except the introductory blurb on the back cover:

With the kingdom of Maraquay on the brink of a devastating war with the dragons, only one woman dares speak of tolerance and peace. Can Melynda alone stand up to both sides, and stop the impending bloodshed?

Once you embark on this journey, there will be adventure, drama, suspense, excitement and danger, yea, even the spilling of innocent blood! And yes, there will be dragons. Having also read and thoroughly enjoyed other fantasy stories by, for example, Tolkien and

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